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Furniture Design


Furniture has been a passion of mine since my early days in Architecture school at the Pratt Institute and a focus while studying Industrial Design later at Pratt.  I love the notion of designing with constant function and beautiful in mind. 

Table Top \ Product Design


As a person who loves to cook and entertain, I really try to embrace the gesture and traditions of a good gathering when designing my table-top products.

Exhibit Design


Exhibit design is about the flow of people and creating a a space where lessons can be learned through phisical interaction with the space.  Here are installations, museums, and trade show booths I have designed. 



My first devotion in the study of art at Pratt, my three year foundation in Architecture has allowed me to be successful in many different fields due to countless hours of hand drafting and  of model building.  Most of all I, here developed a sense of proportions and most importantly...time management.

Package Design


I take the implications of package design very seriously.  While a very real problem in polluting the earth, I try and create designs that are minimal in material use and able to be re-used, while still decaying within a reasonable lifespan.

3D Design


Examples of three dimensional studies during my transition from Architecture to Industrial Design.  Used as a process for design development, I found working in this way quite natural and was amazed by the avenues the process would lead.

Ideation Drawing


Examples of quick ideation sketches.  The prime focus being to get an idea out on the page quickly.  Pencil, marker, and some colored in Illustrator.

CAD Modeling


Examples of CAD modeling in Solidworks, Alais, Vectorwoorks, and Photoshop editing.

Garden Design


Gardens designed and installed while working with the company Halsted Welles Associates.

Mechanical Drawing


Examples of shop drawings, and mechanical drafting using solidworks and vectorworks.

Hand Drawing


Examples of hand drafting, figure drawing, and perspective drawing

Fluma Modular


My small business Fluma designs an array of pre-fabricated modular products and architectural accents for plant propagation for consumers.  This business offers products that can grow plants in any environment.

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