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Kaleng Construction


Kaleng Construction Fairfield, Ct laborer (summer1998) – My first introduction to the Architectural construction business. I figured if were to ask someone to build something I designed in the future I should at least know how much effort and manpower a certain job takes. It was a good experience which grounded me through out my studies in design.

Halsted Welles Associates


Chief Designer and Draftsman, Manhattan, NY (ROOFTOP GARDEN DESIGN) - Looking for an outlet for my skills and experience in Architecture, Furniture, and a newfound fascination with the natural design of plants, I took this job designing layouts and producing mechanical drawings for a very respected and selective urban landscape company in Manhattan. I gained extensive knowledge of irrigation systems and planter designs as well as code restrictions and landmark specifications. In addition to designing and 3D drafting, I made regular site visits to verify measurements and jumped in with labor and van deliveries when the company needed an extra man. This gave me hands on experience with the reality of the custom design business and affirmed my belief in the importance of designing for ease of manufacturing and installation to cut down on unnecessary labor costs and mistakes. This was an incredible learning experience and has inspired me to market my own designs for planting for urban buildings in the form of vertical hydroponic systems.

Work Experience



Custom Designer \ Builder., Redhook, Brooklyn (Design - Build - Install) - At MAKE I got to use my real-world skills and construct high-design kitchens for renovated Brownstones in Brooklyn as well as other furniture for office spaces and lobbys in Manhattan. I worked with other Pratt Graduates and really enjoyed getting back to the site and using my problem solving skills to overcome issues the old buildings would throw at us along the way. Constructing from raw materials in the 9,000 sq ft shop located in Redhook, I learned a whole new set of techniques in the modern cabinetry and hardware industry to add to my Architectural experience.

Expand International


• Lead Industrial Designer for International Portable Display Company
• Designed, implemented, and managed in-house production facility for new Infinita product line 
• Designed CAD models and produced renderings for quotation of large scale SEG exhibit booths 
• Traveled with Account Executives to sales meetings to provide engineering expertise and inspire confidence to clients
• Head USA R&D department – developed new products for manufacturing using Solidworks - consulted with manufacturing facility in China and R&D department in Stockholm, Sweden

Litelab Corp.


Chief Custom Designer - Museum and Luxury Store Lighting Systems, Long Island City, NYC (ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING DESIGN \ ENGINEERING) – Litelab was an extremely technically advanced, high end, lighting design firm with a satellite company in Long Island City, NYC and manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY. Working with tolerances of one thousandth of a degree, I was a chief designer for the custom projects the company would encounter. I was sponsored to take a 4 day course in Solidworks at the national facility in Manhattan and gained intensive knowledge and of the 3D modeling program and its interaction with computer aided machines. I used Solidworks to produce sheet metal housings and aluminum extrusions for the lighting scheme designated by the client. I was responsible for creating submittals, production drawings, assembly details, bill of materials, and overseeing fabrication including samples and mock-ups. The company had a fully functional metal fabrication facility with a masterful machinist whom I worked with closely; converting design to reality and learning a large lexicon of parts and fitting techniques used in the Architectural lighting world. I made business trips to the manufacturer in Buffalo to familiarize myself with the info-structure of a manufacturing operation and to spot opportunities for refinement in my designs to help cut down on labor. I designed lighting systems for Polo, Gucci, the Boston Museum, the American History Museum, and the renovation of the Grand Terrace room at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Fluma Modular Planting Systems


CEO, Brooklyn NY, (Lead Industrial Designer) - My start-up company Fluma, a member of the Pratt Institute Incubator for Sustainable Design, provides an array of pre-fabricated modular products and architectural accents for plant propagation to consumers worldwide. Restaurants, chefs and urban farmers are our main focus group; however, the products have appeal to any novice gardener interested in a simple, beautiful, and self watering planting system. This business offers products that can grow plants in any environment.  


Premier Packing Co.


I designed aesthetically pleasing and functional first aid kits for this well rooted company in Brooklyn.

Aurora Natural


Freelance Package Design - Designed innovative packaging for this natural assorted nuts business.  The concept was to have these products reaching out at the customers in the isles of stores.  I also thought these would be great in the pantry for kids to grab a lief on the go for a healthy snack.

Interactive Electronic Systems Inc.


Plastic Design - freelance - Designed a touch screen security panel for the company BOSCH.

Sailing Director at Camp Lanakila


Sailing Director (2002, 2004, 2005)
Lead "Success Counseling" seminars under Barnes Boffey every summer while at Camp Lanakila for six summers.


Quite possibly my favorite place on earth - Running the sailing program at Lanakila gave me great training in being a leader and managing a staff (not to mention hundreds of energetic children).  The skills of being a good man and positive impact on the world have and will guide me my whole life and was very proud to be able to be a part of this wonderful place.

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