Reclaimed Walnut
Record Hutch


While CAD Drafting for the Millwork Company Hemingway Custom Cabinetry, at the end of each day I would go and check for scrap wood in our back dumpster.  Over time I collected enough Walnut scrap from the kitchens in Fairfield County to create this great piece of functional art.  The speakers are period as well, from Japan dating back to the 70's which adds to the retro feel and sound of this media Hutch.

Vertabrae Chair


With this chair I wanted to mimic how the human spine was engineered and create an experience of flexibility.  The chairs would be customized to each customer at seven points along the spine and utilize CNC mandrel bending to create the three support tubes that make up the back rest.


I had intended this chair to be for a dining room set and be very flexable.  I imagine after the main course of the meal is over the parton can lean back into the chair and twist left and right making room for desert!

Museum Bench


I designed this bench for a museum competition for the Cue Art Foundation as part of the furniture curriculum at while studying at Pratt.  The bench was designed with the primary goal of getting the weight off of ones feet and aligning the patron’s posture in an attentive position to view the art on the walls.  This wooden bench was constructed entirely from salvaged end cuts acquired from a saw mill and consists of cedar, poplar, and maples wood.  The individual pieces of the bench are designed with ease of manufacturing in mind; Consisting of only four different shaped pieces – utilizing repetition or parts and minimal molds for quick production. 


Lounge Chair & Table


Continuing the building method of the museum chair, this lounge chair was custom built for a client under my start up company Fluma while a member of the Pratt Incubator for Sustainable design created by Deb Johnson – the former chair of Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute.  This piece is made entirely from cedar and redwood salvaged from water towers in NYC and using waterproof glue to ensure a long lasting outdoor lifecycle.


Dark & Stormy Reclaimed Mahogany and Oak Drink Holder


Sailboat Racing is a hobby of mine and as a wedding gift to the captain of "Freedom" of Southport CT I created this mahogany and oak drink holder and table that attaches to the traveler bar in the cockpit of the boat for a portable entertaining surface when enjoy some dark and stormies steaming into port after a grueling sailing race.

Reclaimed Sink


Inspired by a discarded headboard I found on the street in Brooklyn while walking home from work one day; With this sink I wanted to express a feeling a of transparency.  The sunken cobalt glass sink and sweeping faucet is a beautiful experience to wash your hands in as blue shadows project on the floor.  The blue glass also played nicely with the sunlight in the afternoon.




Mahogany Tabletop


This gorges piece of mahogany came from my favorite lumberyard in the Bronx - Rosenweig Lumber est. 1910.  I always insist on picking out my lumber in person especially for projects like this.  Thanks to our technology I was able to send a picture of each potential piece of wood to the client and engage her in the experience to be a part of the story of its creation.   This mahogany table was a great solid working surface and the client is very happy with the result.  




Reclaimed Rocking Horse


This piece was for a very special two year old niece.  I tried to find an energetic silhouette so that the rocking horse would look like it is in movement while it was not being used.


The materials came from hardwood scraps from other building job done while working with the company MAKE Inc.  


Furniture Design

Urban Jungle Gym


This piece was designed for a little boy living in Alphabet City Manhattan.  The client had minimal back yard space so I tried to create something that would look contemporary while still allowing the child lots of ways to interact with the piece.  Hanging, jumping, crawling, and hiding were all activities with which I wanted this furniture piece to inspire the user to participate.