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Hemingway Custom

Hemingway is known for its "Truly Custom" creations.  Each design is created literally from the drawing board to the drawer box.  The creations are known for outstanding quality and have been featured in local, regional and national publications.


As head of the design department I am responsible for projects from nose to tail; meeting with clients, site measuring, drafting and correspondence with Architects, and overseer of the manufacturing facility on location.  Fairfield County allows for amazing clients who are willing to invest in creating beautiful living spaces that themselves are a work of art.  I am proud to be apart of such ambitious  


Halsted Welles Associates 

Chief Designer and Draftsman, Manhattan, NY (ROOFTOP GARDEN DESIGN) - Looking for an outlet for my skills and experience in Architecture, Furniture, and a newfound fascination with the natural design of plants, I took this job designing layouts and producing mechanical drawings for a very respected and selective urban landscape company in Manhattan. I gained extensive knowledge of irrigation systems and planter designs as well as code restrictions and landmark specifications. In addition to designing and 3D drafting, I made regular site visits to verify measurements and jumped in with labor and van deliveries when the company needed an extra man. This gave me hands on experience with the reality of the custom design business and affirmed my belief in the importance of designing for ease of manufacturing and installation to cut down on unnecessary labor costs and mistakes. This was an incredible learning experience and has inspired me to market my own designs for planting for urban buildings in the form of vertical hydroponic systems.

Elementary School


I designed this elementary school with modular design in mind for a spall park site. I aimed to construct spaces in which children will not experience distraction of emotion while in the classroom.  I also wanted to construct a scheme which would subconsciously coax the children to be calm in one area and active in another.  The circulation space for the school winds in a tightening spiral towards the gymnasium building the energy of the students ready for play.  This has the opposite effect when returning to class and walking through the unwinding spiral.




Ocean Memorial


Concept: Design a 60 cubic yard world using architecture. 


For my world I chose to express the ocean through two major forms perpetually crossing each other.  The two forms symbolize the crest and the draw of a wave.  I split and separated the two forms vertically and placed a staircase in the crest and a ramp in the draw.  


The curved entrance to this ocean memorial represents the intimidation of the ocean and its humbling effect, while the ramp exit releases the tension of the crest and represents the beauty of the ocean.  Proportions derived from the golden section.


Litelab Corporation


At litelab I generated submittals, production drawings, assembly details, and managed the fabrication and assembly line production.  I was also responsible for completing 3D computer designs in Solidworks and communicating with design teams for companies like Ralph Lauren, Polo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, the Boston Museum, the American History Museum, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.


An excellent experience working with CNC machinery and recieving incredible solidworks training from CADedge in Manhattan, and traveling to to headquarters in Buffalo NY to the manufacturing facility.  


Picasa - P1010693.jpg
Light House


This dwelling was designed for a couple who worked as care takers on a national park.  The house was unique in that the site I chose was in the side a it was entered from above like ancient Pueblo 

Architecture and Lighting Design 

3D Golden Section 



I created this tool\toy to help me generate design ideas for buildings and products using the amazing natural proportions system of the golden ratio.


I always find myself reaching back to this proportions system.  Even quite litterally in this portable display I designed with Expand International.

BAM Dance School



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