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Modular Green Wall


After working with many green walls that where not practical I decided to design my own in a simple and manageable way.  These plastic modules would be very easy and affordable to produce.  The idea makes use of a french cleat to hang the modules easily on any wall.  Each module is designed to drain water into the containers below on either side; Thus they only need to be watered from on top row.  The best case scenario would be for roof run-off to feed the wall system and have a back up watering system in times of drought.

Spice Grinder


This spice grinder is a new way to grind spices!  The idea mimics the motions of someone rubbing their hands together in anticipation for a meal or a savory treat.  This product is designed to be assembled by the buyer in order to save on packaging labor and provide an opportunity for interchangeable colored parts and grinding hardware.


Product Design 

Knuckle Mp3 Player


This sports mp3 player has designated buttons for favorite songs and can be worn on the back of hand for bike riding.  Here is an example of the research and interview process I learned at the Pratt Institute and really opened my eyes to the organization of coming up with a well rounded idea that is desirable to a large audience.

Sweet, Sour, and Savory Mixing Set


Drink Flavors:


Come Passion Fruit Desire – Perfectly desirable on its own, blended pomegranate and passion fruits elegantly excite the tongue and induce the mind into confident desire.



Salty Britches Sour – A bitter flavor leaves one with a lasting and truly unique experience; a lime-mint base supports subtle harmonies of pepper and sea salt permeating complexity into the palate complimenting any light flavored alcohol.   



Topknot liqueur – Symbolic of the second brain of Buddha, Topknot liqueur is a transcending exploration into the most refined flavors in worldly existence: sweet sake dances with savory honey mead, while bourbon chants a deep ominous tenor nearly drowning out the whisper of coriander and essence of lobster that accompany.

Chess Set


The concept behind this chess set deals with the function each different piece plays.  The pieces themselves are shaped in correlation to the spaces they move; hence the pawns are single squares and the horses are four squares in an "L" shape.  The board for this set goes away from the squares in the pieces and uses cone shapes to create an abyss for the fallen pieces to be caught in- reminiscent of fallen soldiers strewn about a battlefield.  The materials consist of wood and plastic to imply a battle between man and nature.


This product was created for a design competition that called for the embodiment of three aspects of my personality.  I chose a create a sweet sour and savory drink mix set that served as its own display.  The round flask was inspired by the top-knots worn by Buddhists symbolizing the second brain of the Buddha. The two glass pouring containers cap each other off when assembled and create an elegant serving gesture with a simple turn of the wrist.

Portable Drum Kit


Client needs:


-Find ways of maximizing space in living area


-make time spent in front of computer more comfortable


-storing and assembling drum set




Cradle to Cradle Design


I was originally asked to redesign the household iron, but when I researched the chemicals and energy that went into the production of the product I was appalled.  Not only do these product use harsh chemicals but also off-gasses when in use and used a tremendous amount of energy to make heat.


So instead of a product I choose to invent a system reliant on a module.  I created a plastic dry cleaning module that patrons would place their clothes in and could be easily picked up and transported to the facility.  Here the modular parcels would be inserted into a machine that would automatically dry clean clothes without human labor.  

The Hopper Athletic Shoe


Taken from the inspiration of a grass hopper, this shoe offers flexibility and breath-ability for the user.  It also has functional treads on the bottom for digging in to turf while running forward and a heal tread for stopping quickly.

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