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Exhibit Design

Expand International


My role:


• Lead Industrial Designer for International Portable Display Company

• Designed, implemented, and managed in-house production facility for new Infinita product line 

• Designed CAD models and produced renderings for quotation of large scale SEG exhibit booths 

• Traveled with Account Executives to sales meetings to provide engineering expertise and inspire confidence to clients

• Head USA R&D department – developed new products for manufacturing using Solidworks - consulted with manufacturing facility in            China and R&D department in Stockholm, Sweden




The concept of this museum was to educate patrons on the impact that water has emotionally on humans.  I felt that water had so many different characters that I wanted to showcase in fun interactive exhibits.  One exhibit in the museum I thought was successful was the water walkway.  This was a pathway with silent walls of water cascading down from either side creating and amazing experience.  To add to the experience would be projections of silhouettes of seas creatures through the falling water which I think would be an amazing effect. 


This museum was mostly inspired by my ocean classroom experience at Proctor Academy – where I sailed a 125’ schooner from Maine to Puerto Rico for two months while taking classes on oceanography and maritime literature on the deck.  I always try and draw from my experiences while I design - the real trick is getting out there and exploring things that may be out of ones comfort zone.





2015 Infinita Catalog

In my position as the Senior Industrial Designer for Expand International US, I managed the new modular SEG exhibit product line we called Infinita.  My duties included designing, installing, and managing the production facility for the product in the warehouse as well as generating many standard booth designs with 3D CAD software.  I then used these designs to create the new catalog for the launch (which you can view here



Renderings created using proprietary software that created a rendering and quote to the customer at the same time.  A great tool that enabled accurate and consistent profit estimation. 
Expand Las Vegas Expo

Expand booth a Exhibitor Expo in Las Vegas.



Production Facility




Product Innovation 




RISD Installation




Water Museum
Pratt Institute Installation




Museum Banner
mood board of different expressions water can evoke(personal photos)
Sensory experiences of water
Different exhibit ideas
Inspirational poem by Walt Whitman
Run-down of the different exhibits in the museum
Plan of water emotion exhibit
Museum Layout
Circulation Diagram For the Space
Waves Topics
sketch copy.jpg
Spray and Hydraulic information topics
Hydraulic Seesaw
Ripple Exhibit
Bubble Exhibit
Bubble Exhibit
Bubble Pedestal Topics
Bubble Exhibit
Inside the walkway
Rain Walkway
Original Concept for Rain Room
water fall.jpg
Water Catch Diagram
Scale prototype of water walkway
Information topics
Museum Rendering
Museum Rendering
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