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"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."


-Paulo Coelho


 Above all I am a problem solver.  No matter what the genre…I have always wanted to know how things work and strive to understand them completely: why foods tastes so good (cooking), why music is pleasing to the ear (music theory), how an actor can make you cry and laugh at will (drama), how a massive sailboat can harness the wind and travel great distances (ocean classroom – from Maine to Puerto Rico), how buildings can last thousands of years and still impress (Architecture), or why a beautifully designed soap dish can make someone smile every day (Industrial Design), how to love the country and live in the city (rooftop gardens).  These are all skills I developed out of curiosity and I am fortunate enough to have the training to turn these experiences into business.  When people ask me what I do, I have learned to say…“I turn problems into products.”  


Phatfield Designs is a consultant company that takes on problems and creates positive solutions in the form of products and systems.  The company takes a firm stand on the rationality and usability of a product and tries to create win - win situations with the environment and users involved.  From research, ideation, engineering, and presentation; Phatfield Designs is able to take on any design task and present solutions in a professional and understandable way catered for the end user.

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